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Baad Girls




Baad Girls Invade Lake County

Remembering Jeannie 2012



Burger love - hold the mushrooms!

Girls doing the heavy lifting.

Which is the fairest of them all?

What names shall we use today?

What a brave Jersey girl!

Isn't she awfully young for him?

Lovebirds on the lake.

Our great hosts - right before taking over the cruise...


WTF! Are these people for real?

Oh come on, let me sing one.

Jeanne's memorial wreath adrift on Lake Dora.

Sweet sounds for our missing friend.


Let the chef eat in peace!

They always take a great picture together.

Bountiful feasting at the Renn's.



Ahhh, my shoes are my anchor.

Yes - I do have to replace and wash the towels every day...

Really low tech, but hey, I actually TALK to people!

Arrival in the palace courtyard; unloading takes a while.

You want us to look at your what?!

It's a shame they're such wallflowers.

Master of his kitchen universe - we ate so well!

Testosterone zone!


Boody Marys all around - great way to start the day!

Uh, Mr. Soprano - sir?!

Concentration in the midst of chaos!

Shirt not from the Buffet "No, No, No Disco" tour.

This is my dress dashiki - be careful!

No, really - that is their hair!

Rollin' in after some free love in the park...

Who says you can't go back? Rob Ravolta had the ladies in the palm of his hands!



What a motley crew!

Baad Girls official 2012 portrait.

Did your hand get caught in my spandex?

This dude gets around - lookin' for more free love.

Peace, Love and Soul?

All I can say is, at least no one got hurt.

I got it! Proof of the white suit and goldfish heels!

Does he know you can see right through those white pants?


It's fun to be at the Y-M-C-A!

The Baad Ass shot is a tradition...

What, no pocket?

Who needs a disco ball when you have neon?



Bob Clendenin

Baad Girls