Bob Clendenin

Florida Friends Family


Baad Girls
Punta Gorda 2009

  Hors d' oeuvres contributed by all   Music and kisses  

A feast prepared with love

Just hangin' around



TMM assesses music options

Veit - famous chef and iPod coach


  Party on   Baad Girls with computers looking at pictures of Baad Girls?  

Soul Sisters with magic moves

We want to kiss you!


Mistress of the PC at work

Veit, Master Chef of a delicious dinner

  Pool time and T-shirts   From fresh water to salt water  


Niňas Malas go where?


Can someone get us a refill?

Captain Dave and the Baad Girls looking for a sign

  Baad and Boating   Bob uses the visit to exercise his new camera  

Cruising Charlotte Harbor

Go on - fly free my little friend


Be careful and tell Jeanne we love her

...then who took this picture?

  Butterflies for Jeanie   All night in the water  

Pure wonder and delight!

Friends of Jeanne for Life


Nasty Boyz marinating

It was close to 3 AM