Bob Clendenin

Baad Girls


Baad Girls Remembering Jeanne
August 2011




Sunset dinner to start off the weekend - was that Donna Summer?

Our lovely host couple

Bob smiles best in pictures with Janice

Geez - get a room!

I see 3 girls and 2 happy boys - what do you see?

Thankfully we did not text all night long, we actually engaged in adult conversation

Sunset over Venice, our little bit of paradise!

These two are trouble...




Thanks to Deb and TMM we can all find our towels which is helpful in our dotage

Blow-ups gone wild

Rumor is they are planning to move south...

"Get my meaning Big Fella"






Luxurious breakfast at SloboSpa

They always have the edge on new toys

Preparing to eat again...

No, we don't have crabs, we opened crab bags!




Sings better than Donna Summer!

I did not see one of these in my tissue paper...

Preparing to dig in again, and yes the bar opened first!

Seriously, I am ready to enjoy myself!






Most gorgeous shirt of the weekend

Gayest shirt of the weekend

Most relaxed shirt of the weekend




Nature's setting to remember Jeanne on her day

Sparkling memories shared after Janice's lovely prayer




Very masculine assembly of Nasty Boyz

Masons with Freaky Francine the Flamingo

Baad Girls and friends remember Jeanne - we miss you!



Bob Clendenin

Baad Girls