Bob Clendenin

Baad Girls Charleston



Baad Girls in Punta Gorda

August, 2007

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Photography by Bob and Carolyn


You cut off the Jimmy Choos, but the purse is over-the-top!


We are 80 times more powerful than any chop saw!

I can jump start this saw with no hands!



The BEST Women - The Baad Girls

Bandanna hugs all around...

Baad Girls' Baaad Ass Boys



Beauty or brains - you be the judge!

Bow Riding Bon Vivant

Way overdue on that sunset ride TMM!



I painted this coconut for my friend...

Bazzo-blessing the nut

What a lovely set of coconuts!



Nuts and Roses

A hug and smiles as the nuts meander the currents of love and honor

Sundown on Charlotte Harbor - use the little light or the spot light?




Bandana Bandit movin' in on Baad Stuff!

Sister Mary Nunzilla says no patent leather shoes!

Smiling for the camera, or tricks for the booze?



Early morning-cannon baller!

Pernicious Dogpaddler

Our shoppng baskets are parked in the loading zone!




Howdy Doody does not impress this Baad Girl!

Sunday Slackers cruising for caffeine...

Pork chop sandwich please



Baad Bricks and Flip Flops in honor of Jeanne, as she wanders the universe of adventure

Linked together forever - we love you Jeanne!

Always friends as we travel the roads of life...






Bob Clendenin

Baad Girls Charleston