Conquistadors Bob Clendenin




The Ball 2006

  The 27th Anniversary Conquistador Ball was held April 7th in the Charlotte County Tentatorium.  Click on any image below for a larger view.  
  The afternoon practice session.  


  Here we have Teresa, JosŤ and Merriam.  Next are Gail and Jim.  Selling tickets are Darrel, Lou and Darryl.  The Junior ROTC students from Charlotte High are always a big help.  



Frank and JosŤ lead the procession as Ponce Frank and Lady Blanche approach the stage wearing the Golden Helmet.  Norma and President Barry prepare for the exchange.



  Master of Ceremonies Ted stands by as Padre Jerry gives the invocation.  Barry and Frank, flanked by P.J. and Ray prepare for the exchange.  With the Golden Helmet firmly installed on his head, New Ponce Barry waves to the crowd as Conquistadors exit the stage.  


  Gail and Gary dance to my left while Aubrey and Norm dance to my right.  Since I have never been known to sing for a living, I saw no reason not to present a toast to a couple of The Boogie Men.  A Big "Thank You" is in order for Mike Riley and his eleven-member Band.  As guests Tom and Linda said, "It was a blast!  The Conquistadors do like to boogie!  Ooops - no pun intended."  


Conquistadors Bob Clendenin