Conquistadors Statue Bob Clendenin

After many years of preparation, The Conquistadors completed and dedicated the monument in Gilchrist Park.

Commemorative Bricks installed in the base of the monument continue to be available for a tax deductible contribution of fifty dollars apiece.  Contact telephone numbers are at the bottom of this page.

Click on the conceptual drawing below to see pictures documenting the construction process.




Gilchrist Park, Punta Gorda, Florida

on Charlotte Harbor

  The Royal Order of Ponce De Leon Conquistadors is an organization dedicated to the preservation of the Spanish heritage of Charlotte County and Florida.

The Conquistadors have established a tax deductible fund and have erected a life-size bronze statue of Ponce De Leon to commemorate his visits to Charlotte Harbor in 1513 and 1521.

Planned to be a focal point in Florida's 500th anniversary celebration, the monument will be of interest for residents and tourists far into the future.

Donations for engraved bricks are still being accepted:
Ponce De Leon Conquistadors Foundation, Inc - Tax ID #65-1080460
PO Box 510664
Punta Gorda Fl 33951-0664
Conquistadors Statue Bob Clendenin