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Statue Progress 2004 to 2005

  The following photographs document the construction of the Ponce de Leon Monument in Gilchrist Park.  The first were taken in June 2004 and the last in January 2007.

Here we see the full-size clay model of Ponce de Leon at Continuum Digital in Orlando.  Click on any image to view a bigger picture.  Scroll down the page for more pictures.



  Next we moved some dirt into Gilchrist Park.  


  Once the model is complete, and after some bad weather last summer, American Bronze Foundry in Sanford cast the statue.  


  Construction begins at the Park.  Contractors start building the foundation for the monument.  


  At the foundry, the bronze patina has been applied.  


  Back at the job site, the crew is waiting for the cement truck to pour the foundation.  


  And, the first days of March they delivered bricks.  Cool!  


  Subsequently the Plinth is constructed.  The statue, when placed on top, will easily be viewed from the Peace River and from the southbound US 41 bridge.  Mark, P.J. and Ray check the progress.  


  A few days later we start laying the engraved bricks with Ray, Marvin, Frank and Blanche supervising.  


  On April 15, 2005 the Big Bronze Guy lands on his feet.  


  Finally landscaping, sod and the fountain lights were installed by July 7th, 2005.  


  We receive some very nice attention at the dedication the next day.  


  And, it doesn't look too bad lit up at sunset.  


  Because of ongoing damage problems, a vandal-proof guard is added in January 2007.
Johnny designed and built the wrought iron fence in his home forge.  Doug makes a final inspection.


Conquistadors Bob Clendenin