Bob Clendenin Family


  Celebration for Beth
Oquawka, August 14, 2010
  As Beth struggled with cancer, it was her wish to be buried in the Clendenin plot in Oquawka.  Making arrangements, Bill invited all family members and many friends to gather for a celebration of her life, including a wee dram of Scotch and Banana Popsicles.  
  By Friday afternoon all four Clendenin Brothers and families are in Oquawka.  


  Ladies chat in the living room while Linda assists Bill with his pasta salad.  Later, during the storm, is a meeting in the garage.  


  Friday evening brings a family pizza fest at the Twist and Shout.  


  Saturday morning we remember Beth with poems and tears.  


  After the service at Oquawka Cemetery, we gather by the Mississippi for family pictures and the traditional brothers bald-spot competition.  


  The main course at lunch is burgers and bratwurst, with Bill's famous salads.  


  Later, friends add festivities, some even leave air conditioning for the ninety degree Illinois sunshine.  


  It was Beth's wish.  Marlo and Zeke give out Banana Popsicles while John offers Linda a taste of one of Scotland's finest.  


Bob Clendenin Family