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Seawall Repairs


Seawall Repairs

  In July 2011, Bill opens his home to three Brothers, a Niece and a Nephew.  On Thursday afternoon, Bill and John pick me up at the airport in Norfolk.  Joining Tiddler and Zeke, we have dinner at Neighbors Pizza in Virginia Beach.


Bill insists we take a five-mile hike in First Landing State Park Friday morning.  After mild protest, we settle on the slightly shorter Osmanthus Trail, followed by a stroll on the beach.  John does what he does best and pokes at things with a stick while Ghost Crabs shyly watch our progress.  



Driving back to Willy's house for a ham sandwich, we argue how much shorter it is to drive directly to Newport News.  Taking the longer route, we arrive at The Mariners' Museum.  The USS Monitor Center captures our attention.





The museum is extensive.


Especially interesting is the Small Craft Center, as we wonder if any of the old boats in Oquawka are candidates for the exhibit.  Eventually, we find the gift shop.




Returning to Virginia Beach, Tiddler makes salad and John checks e-mail, while Willy grills pork chops.  Thanks for dinner, Bill.  

Waiting for Michelle to arrive, John ponders Bill's vast collection of Clendenin Family history.
While Zeke approves the idea of making your kid a millionaire, John finds it mildly disturbing.
Blair joins us for burgers at lunch, with chicken for desert.

The moonlight kayak trip, planned for Saturday night, can only accommodate four paddlers, so Michelle and I, feeling only slightly slighted, decide to tour the beach.  



Sunday morning begins with munchy crunchies for breakfast, while Zeke sends the first of his estimated daily allocation of 300 text messages.

Michelle drives John to parts unknown while the rest of us fight our way through Homeland Security to visit our nation's first public works project at Fort Henry.  



Fascinated by the Edgar Cayce mansion, now on the Historic Register, and his Association for Research and Enlightenment, Zeke runs the Labyrinth in anticipation of psychic powers.  We lunch at Moe's with a burrito, just before Zeke returns home to Cary with Tiddler.

It's Monday and Willy takes me back to the state part to hike the Bald Cypress Trail, then returns me to the airport.  

Four Brothers and a Nephew.  Waiting until next time.  Maybe next year.


Tom, Zeke, Bill, John and Bob


Bob Clendenin