Bob Clendenin Family
  Four Brothers in North Carolina  
  What are the odds of this happening three years a a row?  It did; all four Clendenin brothers assembled in the same room at the same time.
Here are pictures to prove it.
  We started at Tiddler, Nicole and Zeke's place in Cary when I arrived on Tuesday night.  Pina and John, slated to arrive on Wednesday, had airplane problems and didn't get in until Thursday.  Since that was Michelle's birthday, Bill drove over for the celebration.  Rebecca and Nathan had a barbecue at their house in Durham that night.  Of course, the center of attention was the youngest, Henry Owen Clendenin, celebrating five weeks.

On Friday, Tiddler led us on a shopping spree, digging through the bargain bins at three different "Goody" stores.  That evening he served chili dinner with the worlds hottest pepper powder on the side.  Michele cooked breakfast the next morning, Marlo drove in from Orlando in the afternoon and Pink took us all out for Chinese Saturday night.  The christening for Henry was Sunday morning, with a reception in the afternoon.  By then we had started to head for home.

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Bob Clendenin Family