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Louise Turns 90

  Driving from Punta Gorda, I spent the first night with Blanca and Nancy Fe, to discuss legal issues.  Clicking on any thumbnail creates a larger image.  


  Following one more night on the road, Bill and Beth gave me a tour of Virginia Beach, home of another Whispering Giant.  


  The next day I drove to Zeke, Nicole, Joan and Tiddler's house in Cary.  That's Joseph helping Zeke with video issues.  


  Tiddler and I spent a night in Indianapolis, checked pool cues and arrived in Oquawka on Monday afternoon.  We picked up Bill at the airport on Tuesday and visited with Sandy, Albie and Zoe.  


  Wednesday was the big day.  


  We visited Steve, Nancy and Peter, but I want to know about the Weber Kettle.  Dad probably got it from the, now defunct, B.L.S. Farm Store sometime in the 1950's.  The word DEMO was original equipment from the factory.  We cooked hamburgers on it; they were delicious!  


  After dropping Bill at the airport, Tiddler and I spent one night in Columbus before arriving in Cary.  After a little sight-seeing in Savannah, that's Paula Deen's restaurant, I was home without car problems or flat tires.  It should be noted, that car had three punctures repaired and one tire replaced in a year.  


Friends Bob Clendenin