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The Swimming Pool Project

  After living in Punta Gorda for more than ten years, and talking about adding a small swimming pool at the back of the house for most of that time, the project was finally underway in March 2004.   
  The first step was tree removal.  Of course, only one tree had to go, but it was time for a landscaping change anyway.  In a matter of eight hours, the trees were reduced to three truck-loads of wood chips.  Click on any image for a larger view.  


  The next step is to remove the metal columns supporting the porch roof.  


  Just because it's about time (And who would want to mess with it later?) we had George come over and replace the two flat sections of the porch roof.  


  Fish selection is an important phase of any pool project.  Linda consults with well-known fish artist Jim Rice to get just the right color combination.  


  Who wants to float on their back gazing up at thirty-year-old soffit?  Better now than later, Jason works his way around the house to replace all soffit and fascia.  


  Like the sound of the word demolition?  Sparks fly as Hans and friends check the plans, cut concrete and steel, then move a little earth.  Of course, Carl helped too.  Linda hopes all excavation is where it should be.  The screen cage starts to form while Junior does tile work and we finally put water in it.  


  At this point construction was interrupted by a lot of wind and rain.  
  Once the finishing touches on the deck are complete, so is the Pool Project.  


  And the inaugural swim.  The project is officially complete in November.  Now if we can just get the rest of the house fixed up.  


Friends Bob Clendenin