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Orange Springs, Florida

Thanksgiving 2006

  Not many know how to find Orange Springs where Mark's Aunt Teddy and Uncle Warren live on Island Lake.
(Hint:  Look between Citra and Palatka.)
I didn't count heads, dogs or birds, but did see two turkeys, one on the grill the other turning in the rotisserie.
There were at least three Steves.

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Teddy and Warren's house on Island Lake

Could this be the Thanksgiving bird?

Steve, Steve, Mark, Warren, Linda, Teddy, Eileen and Goldie

Warren gives Nancy Fe a tour of the family photo album.

Nelson, ready to play with the band.

Linda lounging with the pumpkin turkey.

  Marie, Warren
  and the bird
  from the grill.



After dinner we walked over to the Inter-Tribal Pow-Wow.



Tom Toms! What if they had saxaphones?


After a hike around Horseshoe Lake on Friday, we were back at Teddy and Warren's.


Horseshoe Lake

Can I stick my head in to see who lives here?

Blanca, Hunter, Nancy Fe and Linda

Mark feeds Quack the duck

Goldie doesn't like to see Quack eating her dog food.

Nancy Fe takes a pirate stance.

Blanca, Marie, Goldie, Teddy and Eileen

Romulus or Remus?

Warren and Steve show their T-shirts.

  Later that night we grilled hotdogs and toasted marshmallows, followed by a wild game of Pictionary.

Preparing marshmallow roasting sticks

Mark building the fire

Adam, Nancy Fe and Eileen

Eileen, Steph and Carlos

Intent on winning the game

Champions of Horseshoe Lake Pictionary



Friends Bob Clendenin