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Bob Clendenin
Family and Florida Friends

  The 2012 Invasion of Lake County    
  Brothers in North Carolina 2012   Steve's 65th Birthday


  Brothers in Virginia 2011   Baad Girls are Baack in 2011
Remembering Beth Baad Girls in Englewood 2010
  Bob's 65th Birthday Party   Sunni & Travis Marry before Christmas 2009
  Pina and John's Wedding   Baad Girls in Punta Gorda - August 2009
  Christmas 2008   Peek inside the cabin for Ed's birthday party
  Nancy and Drew celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary   Kim Retires from The National Guard
  Baad Girls in August 2007   Francisco and Pablo Celebrate fifty years together 
  Thanksgiving 2006 in Orange Springs with Aunt Teddy and Uncle Warren   Maya and Jasmine were born in Miami on July 22, 2006
  On May 27, 2006 Nate and Rebecca were married at a chapel in Chapel Hill   GNO has a party for Sergeant Kim, soon to be activated by the Air National Guard
  These photographs may not be suitable for all viewers.  Proceed with caution when viewing The Bears.   A wedding on the beach for Dana and Kevin on a beautiful day with a beautiful bride.  A beautiful wedding.
  After 17 years with the National Park Service and Forty years putting up with Kevin, Kim decided to Retire.   January 2006 and a trip to Little Rock to visit Carol, John and Michelle.  Click on the sunrise below for pictures.
  On the day before Thanksgiving 2005, Louise celebrated her 90th birthday with a party in Oquawka.   The weather was perfect and Santa was good to everyone in Punta Gorda.
  Kevin celebrated his 2005 birthday.  Click on music man Al Holland for the pictures.   The SheiKra roller coaster at Busch Gardens was beckoning.  Click on Judy and Michelle for some photos.
  Kim turns 50 with appropriate music, food, libations, celebration, gold shoes and a Red Hat?   These, old slides in less than archival condition, were taken in 1965 and '66 with the exception of the last one from Easter '67.
  On Bashful Bill's Birthday - It was a surprise party in downtown Punta Gorda - The poor man was ignored last year.   It took longer than we thought; Pool construction officially started in March 2004 and ended in November
  When Staff Sergeant Lovejoy received a pass to Disney World with friends, we quickly accepted.   For their Charleston adventure, click on the Baad Girls.  All photos were taken by the Baad Girls.
  Color-Blind Kevin Decorates  Click on Lydia and Deb for photos of Kevin's new kitchen.   For Christmas 2003, click on the nutcrackers

  When Tiddler and Joan arrived in October with Nicole and Zeke, we spent the day at Animal Kingdom with Joan's sister Cathy and husband Dave.  Click the Lion King for a family adventure.  

Of course Tiddler is not to be outdone, with his digital camera, he offers his own pictures of the Disney adventure.  Click on the Lion King facing the other direction.


  For Halloween, click on the bee and flower  

Click Mommy Lou and her grandsons for a short story about my parents and brothers.







Bob Clendenin