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  Montreal Trip
June 2010
  Leaving home on Monday morning, we decide it's time to visit Big Daddy Don Garlits Museum of Drag racing in Ocala.  After all we've driven by hundreds of times.  


  Arriving in North Carolina on Tuesday afternoon, we find beautiful day lilies at the Welcome Center.  


  In Cary we visit Tiddler, Zeke and Nicole, then go up to Durham and head out to dinner with Rebecca, Nate and S.J.  As noted below, Zeke is a little shy about being photographed, not about eating.  


  On Wednesday, we cross four states and the Mason Dixon Line wearing my new Carolina Mudcats T-shirt, a special gift from Tiddler.  


  In Hazleton, Pennsylvania we stop for the night, enjoying the view from our motel room window and a lovely dinner for Linda's Birthday-Eve at Top of The 80s Restaurant.  


  On Linda's actual Birthday, we celebrate with Leitha and Doug in the Town of Day on Great Sacandaga Lake.  


  Early Friday, Doug drives me to Glenville Rotary.  Lunch is cheeseburgers and beer at Old Trail Inn.  When Bartender Diana goes to the bank, Ray tells Doug to run the taps until she returns for her photo opportunity with The Pen.  As we leave, Doug poses with The Bear.  


   It's a pleasant drive north to the Canadian border and Montreal, where we find rain and traffic.  Fortunately, the car will stay in the hotel parking lot until Thursday.  After an easy walk to Palais des Congrès, I register for the Rotary International Convention and explore the House of Friendship.  


  Opening ceremony is Sunday; we have the early session at CentreBell.  


  At the Monday Plenary Session, President John Kenny introduces the 2010-2011 RI Board of Directors.  After the session, I walk to Palais des Congrès, meeting Interact Members from California.  


  Later, we walk to the waterfront and have dinner at Gibbys in Old Montreal, meeting Rotary Club President Bo and Elaine from Wisconsin.  


  The Tuesday Plenary Session features Prospects for Peace in the 21st Century by Queen Noor.  


  After business concludes with Voting Delegates, Session Four features an invitation to the New Orleans Convention, followed by songs and jokes from The Book Lady who received a Paul Harris Fellowship from The Rotary Foundation Vice Chair John Germ.  Yes, jokes about putting on her PHF pin.  Mid-afternoon on the sixth floor of the hotel, we experience the rumble of a 5.0 earthquake.  Later, the closing ceremonies.  


  With Montreal in our rearview mirror, we find Thursday dinner on the water in Bar Harbor, Maine.  


  Friday we explore Acadia National Park, then south on US 1 along the Maine coast for a surprising discovery at a tourist trap near Searsport and shopping at the store founded by Leon Leonwood Bean.  


  On the way to dinner at Crew in Poughkeepsie Saturday night (We have lucked out with some really good eateries on this trip.  Try to skip the chains.) I see old cars in the parking lot.  


  Sunday, bartenders on Bethany Beach agree Mary is well known anywhere in Delaware.
This is proof Linda has been here too.


How would I have known?  Linda always wanted to visit Assateague Island National Seashore and Chincoteague National Wildlife refuge, known for beautiful beaches and wild horses.  Fortunately, they are right on the way to Bill's house in Virginia Beach.


  It's Chesapeake Bay crabcakes on the Lynnhaven Pier with Bill and Martha Monday night.  After a walk on the beach, we eat pie and icecream at Matha's.  She has over a hundred musical instruments and plays several for us.  


  Linda and I have lunch with Bill's Rotary Club of Norfolk before heading toward Punta Gorda.
Is the last photo for our trip?


  No, the photo above is not the last.  Wednesday we have delays.  First we stay up to watch Dolly Parton on the Letterman show to see if she mentions last week's convention; she doesn't.  Then there was a flat tire and the trip to Bishopville to visit Pearl Fryar and his legendary topiary garden.  Find Pearl at or check the September 2010 issue of Southern Living.  We'll be home Thursday.  
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