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  The Pen is sighted around the globe.
If you need a Pen, e-mail and I will send one.

Recent photos are at the top of this page.
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  On his now famous sailing trip to Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas, Derek shows off this Red Gen 3 in May 2007.  Fort Jefferson is the largest brick structure in the Western Hemisphere.  


  Blair sends pictures of The Pen from Great Pond with comments:  "The traveling Pen was found by a wandering frog on the shore of a secluded lake in Maine.  They had a good time together, however the frog did lose a leg one particular balmy evening, attempting to save The Pen from a vicious loon.  You just never know."  


  The Pen visits a lady of ill repute at the Longbranch Saloon downtown Dodge City.
At Creed, Colorado, Sheldon (possibly with The Pen in his pocket) and Shirley view the falls just before eating a peanut butter cookie.


  At the Salt Palace, this Yellow Gen 3 visits Ogden Nature Center Volunteer Buz and his friend Peuo the Owl.  As Peuo spreads his wings in approval, I wonder if it's more than coincidence, wildlife are so interested in The Pen?  


  Shirley and Sheldon take a yellow Gen 3 on tour with their motor home.
The first two photos are Sheldon with The Pen at the Alabama Welcome Center on Highway 231.
Next, The Pen visits the Shirley House at the battlefield in Vicksburg, then rests on the bed where General Grant slept at Cedar Grove Mansion.  Sheldon sips what may be iced tea at Horsefaced Harry's.


  Large brass letters over the sidewalk said, "Martini - Manhattan Memorial" so we went into Von's where The Pen met Sonja the bartender.
Outside, the "Best Three in Seattle" talked Linda out of her last Gen 1.  Hold your mouse over Kim's picture to see why.


  When did you throw your first fish?
The answer is found at Pike's Market in Seattle where Linda traded her Pen for a salmon.


  Atop the Space Needle is Christina with her Blue Gen 2.  


  When Linda found a Dale Chihuly glass exhibit in Tacoma, we had to visit.  At the old railroad station, now a courthouse, she stands outside with a bronze gentleman and a Blue Gen 2.  Inside were elaborate creations.
Next door is the Chihuly Glass Bridge.


  This Green Gen 2 is presented as evidence, people do not always receive the respect they deserve.  


  Troops returning to the U.S.A. from Southwest Asia combat zones bring their Pens home with them.  


  Margaret and Bill with The Pen in Pisa.  This is the same Yellow Gen 3 that accompanied Dave and Arlene to Key West.  Margaret says The Pen was disappointed he was unable to climb the tower, but grateful since the tower does lean so very much.  


  The Pen is not pictured as Gen 3 yellow's are no longer available.  This picture of Big Guy is it.  


  Now rare, this Gen 1 is spotted near the Intercoastal in Fort Pierce.  


  This is Sophia Grace Jones, Lynda and Jim's only granddaughter.  They know she's the most beautiful little girl in the world.  She, her two big brothers and parents live in Kokomo.  Celebrating her first birthday, she was fascinated with the Traveling Pen. 
Then Lynda and The Pen are found at a Harry Connick, Jr concert.  "Wow!  What a show."


  Now we find a Gen I on eBay.
Click on the image below to find the auction item.


  A Yellow Gen 3 has a crabby day at the beach, until Eric finds it makes a great Redfish lure.  


  How could The Pen know, not everyone in Florida is a Gator fan?  


  This Yellow Gen 3 is scuba diving on a Key West reef.  Later, it was writing as well as ever.  


  It isn't often but, sometimes Impostor Pens are presented.  Here is a shameless example of such a pen, from Jane Doe.
(Per advice of attorney, this pen is now referred to as "counterfeit" and subject to applicable counterfeit  laws.)


  Dave, on April 23rd, said The Pen (a Yellow Gen 3) in Key West, "Was hard to control when he gets to partying."  


  On Emancipation Day, Allison with her Blue Gen 3, provides a dental treatment.
Susan at the front desk however, is slightly camera shy.


  The Pen, Ellen, Kim, Carmel and Chris, then Carmel, Chris, Kim, The Pen (in Kim's blouse) and Gus at Doha on Easter Sunday.
The blue Gen 2 is found by the gulf, skyline and four floors above a desert ice rink in Doha's largest mall.


  Pat, Eric, Ivana and Josephine, GSE visitors from Malta and Sicily, show off Pens at Palm Island on April 7, 2007.  



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