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  Traveling with Shirley and Sheldon in Eugene, Oregon The Pen, between visits to recycled hippies, is found with a potter and a baker.  Shirley bought a pot and ate a Marion Blueberry Pie.  A couple of days later The Pen is in wine country with the Wine Maker and Tasting Room Manager at Silvan Ridge Estates, then with the Tasting Room Manager at Sweet Cheeks Winery.  Sweet Cheeks?  


  Norm the Mailman on Great Pond delivers Jo Anna's by boat.  


  Sam the bartender at Tugboat Inn sports a Red Gen 3 while, "Ayuh!" neighborhood animals show off The Pen at Booth Bay Harbor.  Lobstah writes his last Will and Testament.  


  At the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, Jessica and her Blue Gen 3 admire the Bar BC brand.
For some reason it reminds me of this Web site.


  While not a whitewater event, this rafting trip on the Snake River is no challenge for any generation of The Pen.  Susanna and Christian from Melbourne, Australia are ready for anything with their Gen 4.  


  A faithful writing tool, this Red Gen 3 visits Yellowstone National Park.  


  Proving its popularity, the Green and Gold Gen 4 visits Jackson, Wyoming - Home of Gerry L. Spence - sometimes called the nations greatest trial attorney.  Law Partner Mel Orchard gives two Florida Lawyers a tour of the office in exchange for The Pen.  


  Hiking Mossy Cave Trail with The Pen, Patrick and Sylvia, from Belgium, enjoy their first visit to the United States.  


  Able to withstand harsh weather conditions, the oldest living things on earth are bristlecone pines; some may be 5000 years old.  Nancy Fe and her Gen 4 will be lucky to survive half that long.  Horses too she notes, enjoy the company of The Pen.  


  At the Panguitch Valley Balloon Rally The Pen meets Cheryl, pilot of Dry Fly from Alamogordo.  Arising early the next morning, we witness the mass ascension.  Meanwhile downtown, locals watch the show while enjoying their Red Gen 3.  


  Montana Girl Shelly shows off her Gen 4, useful in her job at Zion Lodge.  


  At Bryce Canyon National Park, we see Na Fe and Mark with their new Gen 4s's, while Linda prefers her classic Blue Gen 3.  


  Sue and Don show their Pen at the Binghamton Copper Mine, the world's largest open pit mine.
Later in the day, Don (accidentally) dropped this Blue Gen 3 in a urinal.


  Admiring her Gen 4 and the beautiful landscape at Dixie National Forest.  


  Member of Gold Country Riders, motorcyclist Susie and a couple of wooden bears at Ruby's near Bryce Canyon show this Gen 4 while Mark introduces his to a bottle of Polygamy Porter - "You can't have just one."  


  The Gen 4 issue of The Pen débuts at the Great Salt Lake in Utah, next to the SaltAir Pavilion in late June 2007.  


  The Pen attended the 2007 Rotary International Convention at Salt Lake City.  Elvis is found helping conventioneers register for next year's event in Los Angeles.  Appreciating its value as a writing instrument are Past R.I. President and TRF Chair Frank and Gloria Rita Devlyn.  More well known is Paul Harris with his Green Gen 3.  



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