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  Not sure their motor home would fit through the narrow passage, Sheldon and Shirley find The Pen selling Navaho jewelry on the other side, happy to make a sale.  


  After leading the Englewood Labor Day Parade, The Pen helps celebrate the day, the parade and the trophy.  


  The Pen is on a Roll.  Carlene and Don present these from their Scandinavia and Russia cruise.  


  Anjanette Jones, The Pen and 30 family members at Longacre Saloon for a Jones family reunion in Indianapolis.  


  At Canyon Village, Shirley and Sheldon pose with ice cream and a Gen 4 after a long hike to the Lower Falls Rim.
At 8,937 feet in the Gravely Mountains, the grader driver was anxious to have his picture taken with The Pen on his last day of work before retirement.
Sheldon found a cabin in the Montana Mountains and has decided to move.
At the Clay Butte fire tower a volunteer uses an azimuth scale to fix fire locations then calls in the GPS coordinates.


  Traveling to explore old college hangouts and friends, Martin found The Pen at Pickwick where he was somehow able to wangle a free beer at each visit.  The Pen is slightly out of focus (inebriated?), though Martin cautioned not to mix wine with beer.  The Pen is also found indulging in "The Best Pizza in the Western Hemisphere" at Sammie's.  


  On a flight to Minneapolis, The Pen has Morning Meds and breakfast before visiting the pilot in the cockpit of the Boeing 737 - with TSA approval, of course.  


  On August 25th at Isles Civic Center, with family and a hundred friends, Pablo and Francisca celebrate their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary.  Appropriately, the happy couple pose with a rare Gen 1.
The Pen was there with bartender Linda and daughter Mary.


  On August 13, the third anniversary of Hurricane Charley, photographed by Gail and Ramona, the Spirit of Punta Gorda sculpture and Bridging the Shoreline banners were dedicated at Laishley Park.
In attendance were The Conquistadors, The Pen and various dignitaries.


  No, this isn't Smallville.  Home of Superman, Metropolis finds Sarah with this Gen 4.  


  At the Longbranch in Oquawka, Steve,  a Yellow Gen 3 and Bob enjoy the sign on the wall.
After lunch, Victor and The Pen inspect his Rollscanhardly, Patent Pending.  Constructed from a lawn mower and furnace blower, the device, complete with retractable power cord, is designed to cool the garage.  It rolls, but can hardly do anything.
Following supper at the Eagles, Lou and Jack show off their new Gen 4 on their back porch.


  At V.F.W. Post 2301 in Monmouth, Bill shows his collection - four generations of The Pen.
From there we visit Grandfather's house, built in 1900.  It is evident, after over 100 years, no one ever screwed it up. 
Then Bill sports a Yellow Gen 3 near JW's farmland West of town.


  The Pen plays with a chipmunk at Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Bend, Oregon.  Shirley, who took these pictures, expressed concern the chipmunk, who kept pushing The Pen with his nose, would pick it up and leave with it.  That would have been OK if the chipmunk knew how to use a camera.
Next the NFS became involved at Deschutes National Forest, near Mount Bachelor.


  This Yellow Gen 3 is visiting Howe Caverns.  The first picture, a file photo from 1930, was taken before ballpoint pens were invented.  


  No stranger to covered bridges, The Pen is found in the Adirondacks at Copeland and in Henderson County, Illinois.  Unique, for covered bridge pictures, the Henderson County bridge brags four generations.  


  Posing with The Pen and a Silverback Gorilla, Megan, new owner of the Round Lake Restaurant and Pub, is interested to discover Doug's father did the electrical wiring when The Pub was built over forty years ago.  


  At the National Bottle Museum The Pen set off the security alarm while visiting some bottles.  Millions of bottles per year were produced for the mineral water springs of Ballston Spa.  More than 2000 early glass bottles of many colors and forms are on exhibit.  


  Here is an interesting trio.  Promoting his new motion picture, Homer Simpson poses with a Yellow Gen 3.
Having just watched The Simpsons Movie, Leitha's Duck poses with a picture of Homer.
Later in Saratoga, and oblivious to it all, Doug smiles with The Pen and a plastic racehorse.


  In Cary, North Carolina on July 25th Nicole has a Blue Gen 3; in the afternoon, Zeke in the Hemlock Bluffs.
Here is the most Southeastern community of Hemlocks in the U.S.  A relic of the last Ice Age.
Notice the Five-lined or Blue-tail Skink has no Pen.


  While Carlene and Don were visiting Ohio for a July 4, 2007 holiday, The Pen was very busy too.
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