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Adventures of The Pen Episode IX

The Pen

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  Late on July 4th, Judy sends pictures of Darlene and her Gen 5 enjoying the symphony:  


  Independence Day, Fireworks, Parties and The Pen.  


  Lashley Marina welcomes The Gen 5 Pen as the July 4th party continues on Dave and Arlene's boat.  


  Independence Day on Charlotte Harbor and Stars and Stripes edition (Gen 5) of The Pen finds friends at the Freedom Swim.  


  The Breasts joined The Pen in its travels.  They especially enjoyed the mountains and Wild Life at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.  Now they are a traveling couple... looking forward to their next adventure.  


  A glass of wine, The Pen and a frog visit during cocktail hour on the Great Sacandaga Lake, a 29 mile long reservoir in the Adirondacks.  


  Natchez Trace Parkway provided early French and Spanish settlers with a 444 mile route between Natchez on the Mississippi River and Nashville.  The Pen hikes a portion of the ancient trail, preserved by the National Park Service.  Pictured is William Ferguson's Inn at Mount Locust; constructed in about 1780 it's the only surviving inn of more than 50 that once gave comfort to travelers on the trace.  


  Seeking adventure one evening in Little Rock, The Pen starts at Cajuns, noticing both Fat Tire and Bud American Ale on tap to accompany hors d' oeuvres.  Moving on, The Pen finds Maddie's Place for entrées, then to Ciao Baci where the waiter lights a sugar cube on the absinthe spoon.  The evening ended with walnut and pear strudel.   


  The Pen suspects dams are places constructed to facilitate jokes as Michelle and The Pen visit the "big dam bridge."  


  In 1900 Robert McClure Snyder bought over 5000 acres, a portion of which became Ha Ha Tonka State Park, and began construction of a "castle."  He died in an automobile crash in 1906.  His sons eventually completed the "castle" in 1922, then 20 years later it was destroyed by fire.  The Pen, always respectful, visits the remains.  


  The Dam Flea Market is just a play on words.  It sits, with Linda and The Pen, next to Bagnell Dam, the primary reason for Lake of the Ozarks.  Completed in 1931, the dam impounds the Osage River to create a surface area of 55,000 acres and over 1150 miles of shoreline.  


  The front yard of the Don Q Inn at Dodgeville, named after first governor of Wisconsin Henry Dodge, sports a Boeing C-97 (KC-97 Tanker) with four Pratt and Whitney 4360 cm³ engines, each with 28 cylinders and 56 spark plugs.
The Pen is not intimidated as it sits proudly in the cockpit of this military veteran.

  On Barkers Island The Pen visits the world's last Whaleback ship, build with its distinctive rounded hull in 1896.  


  At Chamber of Commerce office in Wakefield, Michigan Volunteer Don game me some postcards in exchange a Gen 5 Pen.  


  The Pen loves a good Tourist Trap.  What could be more fun than taking a picture of The Pen with Big Ernie, purported to be the world's largest working rifle, 35 feet long and 4000 pounds.  


  Writing a letter?  The Pen is very good at that.  When you're finished, you could mail the letter at the Post Office in Christmas, Michigan 49862.  

  In the Shipwreck Coast Museum Store at Whitefish Point, Michigan, The Gen 5 Pen looks for bargains while visiting with the clerks.  See  


  Traveling in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) this Gen 5 visits Whitefish Point, Michigan.  


  Visiting Hickory Corners, Michigan and the Gilmore Car Museum in May 2009, Dave and The Pen explore the larger-than-life door of a 1930 Rolls Royce Sedanca Deville.  From the 1967 set of Walt Disney's Gnome Mobile movie, this mock-up is four times the size of the original car.
Outside, The Gen 5 Pen explores the days when gasoline sold for 19¢ a gallon.  The Shell station was built in 1998 using original blueprints from 1929.




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