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Adventures of The Pen Episode V

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  If you need a Pen, e-mail and I will send one.
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  From Brittany, my friend El Niņo writes me a note with his Gen 4.  To hear El sing, click here:


  Rick takes his Gen 4 to San Francisco and orders takeout.  


  Visiting Oquawka for the first time, Pam and her Yellow Gen 3 pose next to the Norma Jean Elephant Memorial, then find fall colors at Delabar Park.  At the river cabin, Pam admires the Gen 4 with Rick and Bob.  Outside The Pen compliments Berry's Best Blended Scotch Whisky with Bob, Rick, Susan, Pam, Fred and John.  


  Eric sends pictures with his yellow Gen 3 from Malta.
Indications indicate these photographs could have come from Italy or from Greece.


  Deb and Thornton were in Cape May, New Jersey with a yellow Gen 3 for a week at the beach.  


  Nancy photographed Steve, noting it was too windy at Sherman Hill, Wyoming, the highest point on the Transcontinental Railroad to hold up The Pen.  (Not to mention they forgot to take it along.)  Click on the virtual representation of a, now rare and collectable, Gen 1 to see what was forgotten.  


  Visiting Alaska, Rebecca and Nate find The Pen with a bear in Seward and watching salmon spawn in a nearby stream.  Was it really ninety-five degrees on Daniel and Maria's back porch?  A few days later The Pen is inspecting the Alaska Pipeline along the Denali Highway.  


  Finding its place in history, The Pen helps Doug fill out his membership form and dues check to support Old Punta Gorda History Society and the History Park.  Doug is the one sporting the halo.  


  Possibly the only orange I Love Conquistadors hats known to exist are photographed at the Conquistador Pick-a-Nick with The Pen.  Like The Pen, these hats may become collectables for sale on eBay.  


  Wacky Florida Author Tim Dorsey autographs one of his books using a Gen 4 Pen.
He writes "To Blanca,"  She turned me on to antics of Serge, his friends and enemies.
It should be known at this time that Tim and Blanca will not be falling in love and getting married.  She says she would be jealous of his dozen or so books on the market and He says he has a wife and two children.


  Called the only unbreakable code in the history of warfare, Navajo Code Talkers used the unwritten Navajo language to transmit messages during World War II, making it futile for the enemy to decipher battle plans.
The Gen 4 Pen is proud to be photographed with our WWII Veterans.


  Shirley and The Pen get a big laugh from this sign in Old Town, Albuquerque and decide to do some Christmas shopping.
Later, Sheldon and The Pen share Vietnam Veteran stories and memories with a couple of former MP's at 10,730 feet atop Sandia Peak.


  On vacation in France, The Pen visits Normandy, Venus de Milo at The Louvre and Arc de Triomphe.  


  The Gen 4 Pen accompanies Arlene and Dave to Finland and Belgium.  


  The Pen helps Blanca celebrate her birthday at Linger Lodge.  


  Cruising, The Pens visit friends and rest during their day at sea on the Constellation.  


  While traveling in Europe, Arlene and Dave find these pens sipping libations at several stops.  


  At Wild Turkey bourbon distillery, The Pen meets Master Distiller Jimmy Russell.
Not only does he have a street named after him, but a Kentucky Bourbon as well.


  On the way to The Patton Museum, near Fort Knox, Dave and The Pen pose in a parking lot, then with some armament and a couple of interesting signs.  





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