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Adventures of The Pen Episode VII

Gen Five - The Caribbean Edition

  If you need a Pen, e-mail and I will send one.  
  Introduced on April 12, 2008 the Gen Five Edition of The Pen makes its debut in The West Indies.  
  On the road to Dahlonega, Georgia The Pen, without a hint of green, takes in tourist destinations on Saint Patrick's Day 2009.  


  This Gen 5 Pen makes its mark, dining in Mexico on its way to Pina and John's wedding.  


  The Pen visits John's house in San Luis Potosi, SLP.  


  Abbey gives The Pen a walking tour of San Louis Potosi.  


  "Every good Writer needs to be up-to-date!" says Maralyn Jabour as she studies journalism at Hunter College.  


  Janice, Gary and The Pen go to The Perfect Caper and Key West.  


  An October Road Trip brings this Orange Gen 2 to the Flora-Bama Bar where messages and graffiti decorate the walls to compliment the adult beverages and delightful victuals.
Reasonable Doubt for a Reasonable Amount?


  You could say this Generation 5 and Orange Generation 2 are going to the dogs in Southwest Florida, or maybe to a local tavern.  


  Mike takes his Green Gen 2 on a fishing vacation while his friends sport the Caribbean Edition.  


  Doug and Leitha are in Sarasota with Bob and Janice Brock, then meet song writer and singer Kevin Kane at Cafe Lenas with this green Gen 2.  


  Visiting the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois, we find this Generation 5 Pen with the great Abraham, the Lincoln family, young Abe outside his log cabin, and at the White House with nineteenth century anti-slavery activists Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass.  


  Making it's presence known at IYC this Caribbean Edition is well received by employees and members alike.  


  Martin and Kim say The Pen went to Maine and Jo Ann does her best to prove it.  


  It's August and Clare's father, who keeps asking for The Pen without sending pictures, celebrates empty nest syndrome with this photograph of three generations.  


  It's June in Paris and The Pen accompanies Eric as he visits the Louvre and other Parisian landmarks.  


  Rick Treworgy invited ROPC and The Pen to visit his Chevrolet collection on May 22.  Here is The Pen with a 1954 Corvette.  


  Daniela takes The Pen to Scotland while visiting her mother in the highlands during June.  


  On April 24, we find The Pen helping buy a t-shirt at the Haley Davidson dealership on Sint Maarten.  


  The Pen always appeals to children.  The first picture shows The Caribbean Edition with the youngest yet.
Here is Janice and baby Adriaan on April 20, 2008 followed by the whole family, two days later.


  Refreshing food and beverages are always Pen favorites, as evidenced by Guavaberry liquor, Carib lager, burger and Heineken.  


  Need security?  The Pen makes a handy hasp on this Caribbean vault.  


  On day of issue April 12, The Caribbean Edition is found lunching with goat stew.  



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