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Adventures of The Pen Episode VIII

The Pen

  If you need a Pen, e-mail and I will send one.  
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  Princeton University bills itself as the most outstanding undergraduate college in the world, so attending his Class of 1969 reunion, Steve shows his Gen 1 Pen and tells his classmates how it got him through those tough final exams.
Meanwhile, Nancy and The Pen visit Lucy the Elephant and Times Square.  For those who don't know, Lucy was built of wood and tin in 1882 in Margate City, New Jersey, not far from Princeton.


  The Bell, salvaged from the Clendenin barn and repaired  by Lou and Jack, gets a visit from this Gen 5 Pen.  

  The Lioon Family took Three Generations of The Pen on a Mission Trip to Honduras in April 2009.
"Puede dios bendecirle & su familia" says Paul


  Here are The Pens with Honduran Natives in Santa Rosa de Copan and Hotel San Jorge.  

  The Gen 5 version of The Pen, possibly the most popular ever, assists portrait artist Mike Vires.  


  Nicknamed Mother Of All Bombs, Massive Ordinance Air Blast, the largest-ever satellite-guided air-delivered weapon in history, is a likely companion to the the first-ever version of The Pen in history to sport blue ink.
Not to be left out of the action, First Lady, an AC-130 Spectre gunship and combat veteran wanted her picture taken with The Pen as well.


  In Panama City, The Pen enjoys the company of Martin Jordan and (he thinks) Bette Midler.
Meanwhile, The Pen wrapped in luxury, enjoys a $595 a night room.  At least that's what the sign on the door said.


  In April, 2009 The Pen relaxes with friends in Apalachicola, Florida.  


  Always a high flyer, The Pen visits an F/A-18 Hornet at Eglin Air Force Base.  


  Nate sends pictures of two Gen 3's sighted in the tiny land-locked country of Lesotho, Africa - the kingdom in the sky!
They stayed at Malealea Lodge, then a day-long trek on horseback and a night in The Hut, followed by the ride back to the lodge.


  Traveling all the way from India to visit The Pen, here are Rajesh, Kapil, Mohini, Anurag, Manish and Alpana, each with their own Gen 5.  


  People often joke about The Pen and cleavage.  These pictures at Martin's house show this Gen 5 in a stone-cold light.  


  Here is a Gen 4 Pen vacationing with Norma and David in Athens, Greece.  


  Ned is the horse with the Australian saddle.  Mike and The Gen 5 Pen are on his back.  


   Conquistadors invite The Pen to their April 4, Spring Party, wearing battledress.  


   Here is a rare Gen 1 making the rounds of prestigious Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida  


  Two Formidable Icons, Elvis Presley and Hello Kitty with The Caribbean Edition Gen 5.  


  Na Fe and This Gen 5 Pen are in Lumpkin County, Georgia picking up supplies at Camp Frank D. Merrill, home to the 5th Ranger Training Battalion and the Mountain Phase of the U.S. Army Ranger School on Saint Patrick's Day 2009.  





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