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The Pen

  If you need a Pen, e-mail and I will send one.  
  Recent photos are at the top of this page.
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  Proud to have been invited to the Sunni Blevins & Travis Brown wedding in Richmond, The Pen schmoozes with guests.  


  Checking the lighting for a middle school basketball game photo shoot, The Pen gives Nate and the Chargers a hand.  
  On Friday, November 20 The Boogiemen play at Charlotte Harbor Event Center, raising money for a new playground at Charlotte Harbor School.  As a bonus, a Bruce Springsteen autographed guitar was donated at auction by Band Leader Mike Riley.  Here the Gen 6 Pen inspects Riley's new Boogiemen paint job on his PT Cruiser.  


  The valiant Lion whose deeds surpassed the greatness of his name and the first white man to die in America, are visited by The Pen at Ponce Park in Punta Gorda.  


  The Pen enjoys a meal at Dos Perros Mexican Restaurant  


  A skill not frequently found in pens, this Gen 6 inspects the tread on tires.  


  The following images from Courtney are not for the faint of heart.  This disturbing message explains.  

By the time you read this, I will be gone.  I want you to know what
you have meant to me.  With you, I felt useful, loved even.  But
lately, my ink is running low, and between your mac, your cats, and a
baby on the way, you just don't have the time to invest in getting my
ballpoint rolling.  Remember our good times.  I hope the photos show
that it was over quickly.  Good bye cruel world.  See you on the other side.
With all the love that is contained in my squishy finger pad, farewell.



  Relaxing with a libation beside the Peace River at Punta Gorda Elks Tiki Bar, The Pen enjoys the Halloween atmosphere.  


  Photojournalist Courtney Potter of UNC Chapel Hill sends these flowers with The Pen.  


  At Pruett Farms in Oquawka The Pen helps Jack diagnose a fuel pump problem in his tractor then joins him and Lou in admiring the extensive shed renovations.  


  Two Generations of The Pen snuggle with an Angel.  


  While I would never doubt Pam's word that The Pen is in this picture of the Bar Harbor Inn, I do wonder which generation it could be.  


  In the Town of Day, high in the Adirondacks, on a rare sunny afternoon, Doug and The Pen admire a surprising piece of driftwood.  


  Some Punta Gorda Elks and The Pen visit a Rays Baseball game in Tampa.  


  Upon hearing the stately stone sculpture of Norma Jean Elephant atop her grave in Oquawka, had been vandalized and replaced with a tacky, laughing figure, The Pen investigates allegations of a cruel joke played by Democrats.  


  Cawker City is home of the world's largest ball of twine and The Pen insists on being part of the show.


  Personally, I would have thought this site near Lebanon, Kansas would be called the "Geographic Center of the Contiguous United States," but the map says "Conterminous Center."  Must be a good word; better look it up.  


  Sculptures in stone fascinate The Pen and Jo Ann visiting artist Philip Feaster in Castle Rock.


  While The Pen is mightier than The Sword, Na Fe should think twice before using it to protect herself against bears at Yellowstone.  


  "When in Rome..." the saying goes, so The Pen climbed up very high on a telephone pole to add his image to the stick figure sign, but was unable to write as he hung on for dear life with a piece of tape.
Concerned about safety issues, The Pen scrutinizes policies at the Rome Fire Department and is later found resting at Bear Springs Camp.


  Vacationing in Maine, The Pen visits departed Bickford friends in Oakland.
With a penchant for adventure The Pen met with some challenges at David Lovejoy Construction Co.


  After so many years F-Wing is closed.  Here are Louise and The Pen in the final moments.  


  The Pen with a couple of old mementos.  


  The Caribbean Edition of The Pen has always been fond of Key West, and Jackie too.  


  Sitting in a beach chair and visiting with friends, The Pen enjoys another day in paradise.  


  At the Circa Pub in Winter Park, The Pen joins Abbey's Mom Caprece and Mark as they show off Hello Kitty tattoo and bank card.
Later The Pen visits Cantina Laredo at Bay Hill and rinses off in the fountain.


  The first picture ever drawn with a Gen 6 Pen was by Mike Vires.  This took about 30 seconds.   






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