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Adventures of The Pen Episode XI

The Pen

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   At his Topiary Garden in Bishopville, South Carolina Pearl Fryar and The Pen take a break on his John Deere Gator.  


   In the Adirondacks at the Old Trail Inn, Diana the Bartender knows The Pen can take orders.  


  Like Daughter, Like Mother in Syracuse with The Pen  


  Steve and The Pen enjoy the ride on Mega Bus to Cincinnati last weekend.  


  Watching an Orioles game at Camden Yard, The Pen is pleased to cheer Baltimore to victory.  


  If you like your tomato and mozzarella salad with a twist, try this suggestion from The Pen.
Since the salad includes cheese, is The Pen lacto-vegetarian?  What about Pirate's Bite?


  Buying a 50/50 Ticket at Punta Gorda Elks, The Pen helps Greg fill out his winning tickets.  


  Maintaining a great relationship with babies, The Pen enjoys naptime with Michelle's favorite nephew, S.J.  


  Memorial Day weekend at Laishley Park finds The Pen in Battle of The Wings, competition between local restaurants, by Charlotte County Fire and EMS for muscular dystrophy.  


  Learning to blow bubbles from Hello Kitty, The Pen entertains onlookers from a balcony in Central Florida.  


  Ready for a cruise on Heritage, The Pen accompanies Sherry to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  After a good night's sleep at Holiday Inn Express, The Pen takes a taxi to Riverview Café in Brattleboro, Vermont for breakfast.  


  A problem arises; Cheryl's pocket is too small for The Pen.  


   Eric Flask and The Pen agree; May, in Brussels near the Grande Palace, is a wonderful time of year.  


  Watching a barge lock through on the Mississippi at Gladstone, The Pen enjoys a bottle of water.  


  Billed as the crookest street in the world, Snake Alley in Burlington, Iowa enjoys a visit by The Pen.  


  The Pen hanging out with friends on the deck in Elgin, Illinois.  


  While butterflies are free, The Pen is not puzzled by them.  


  The Gen 6 tries to upstage Bob's new T-shirt and custom-built pocket.  


  Always ready to party, The Pen joins ladies having a ball with The Boogiemen.  


  The Pen supports Relay for Life by encouraging Mark to buy a raffle ticket for this Happy Birthday Chair from Gail and Cindy at Punta Gorda's downtown air show preview party on Thursday, April 8.  


  Attending a Jimmy Buffett concert at the venue formerly known as the Orena The Pen meets Jeanné serving Land Shark draft.  


  On January 24, 2010 The Pen visits the War Birds fly-in at Charlotte County Airport.  


  Neither Jackie nor this Gen 5 Pen had seen either a slide rule or a Zippo lighter, relics from the past.  


  Picking up a sandwich at Brandywine's Deli in Winter Park, comedian Carrot Top mugs with The Pen.  


  New York City attorney Jesse Resto contemplates using The Pen on her next case.  


  Celebrating Christmas and the end of 2009, The Pen joins The Hat to party with friends.  
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The Pen I