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  If you need a Pen, e-mail and I will send one.  
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  Jean and Bob, who took the first pictures of The Pen on a Mediterranean trip six years ago add these shots in July 2011.  


  Explaining that Malta is the most beautiful place in the world, Jean said, "You can teach an Old Dog new tricks.  Pictures from vacation with The Pen... Priceless!!!"  


  British Open Champion Todd Hamilton of Oquawka is apparently well known in Burlington as well.  Here is his autographed poster, with The Pen and Nancy, on the wall at Sombrero Bar and Grill.  


  At the Rotary International Convention in New Orleans, The Pen shows support for Rotary and Bill Gates contribution of $355 million to PolioPlus.  


  If you read the menu at Linger Lodge, Al Roker says it's, "One of the Top 5 Weirdest Restaurants in America" while Forbes Magazine claims it's in the, "Top 10 Most Unusual Restaurants in the World."  Jeannie the waitress finds The Pen invaluable when writing an order.  
  Always concerned with humanitarian issues The Pen does its part in setting a Florida record by packing a million Meals of Hope for local food pantries and Kids Against Hunger.  


  On the Caribbean Island of Anguilla, The Pen enjoys a pleasant afternoon on the beach at Smokey's with friends and refreshments.  


  Linda and Nancy Fe take The Pen to parking lots.  Linda finds her name on a license plate while Nancy Fe discovers a Jeep with Fifth Calvary stickers, reminding her of her Grandfather Master Sergeant Charles Edward Vitatoe.  


  Blanca demonstrates how valuable The Pen is when knitting.  Actually she says The Pen "sneaked into our knitting meeting & tried to leak ink on a new piece of knitting."  


  The Pen takes a trip to Boston.  


  Another example of how adventuresome The Pen can be.  


  While not exactly Big News at the C.A.R.E. Ball, debut of the Gen 7 issue of The Pen did gain some attention.  




  Following lunch of fried grouper and blackened shrimp at Nav-A-Gator Grill at Old Desoto Marina, The Pen socializes with friends in the back yard on a sunny afternoon shortly before Christmas, 2010.  


  Lois, The Pen, The Royal Canadian Bear and Bill celebrate in the Canadian Rockies.  


  When she turned 16, The Pen was instrumental in getting Nicole her drivers license.  


  When the camera was run over by a car, sadly a 28-135 mm, image stabilized Canon lens was destroyed, but even sadder, this Gen 6 Pen suffered collateral damage.  


  Visiting Maine in September 2010, The Pen poses with a traditional means of dispensing water on Great Pond.  


  Judging cars at the 190SL Concours in Traverse City, Michigan, The Pen helps Brooks with his score pad.  


  What happens at St. Theresa, stays at St. Theresa.  There were three beautiful women, The Pen and one handsome man.  No one would say who slept in the swinging bed.  


  On a special family weekend in August, The Pen visits friends in Monmouth and Oquawka.  


  Jim The Director sends this from Alaska as The Bear meets The Pen.  


  Beauty, Leisure Time and The Pen make great companions.  


  Out at The Hacienda, The Pen helps Mary celebrated her 50th birthday, but not without lots of help from friends.  


  Martha writes, "While traipsing through the Enchanted Storybook Garden at Norfolk Botanical Gardens this morning, Bill and I encountered a few little gnomes... and noticed that each was holding a Bob Clendenin pen!"  
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