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Adventures of The Pen Episode XIII
The Pen

  If you need a Pen, e-mail and I will send one.  
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  Judy and Sherry with The Pen at the Conquistador Ball  


  When The Pen left for California on October 10, 2012, with Sherry to help document the trip, these pictures were the result.  


  The Pen visits Hanceville, Alabama to watch Keoni Felipe play a soccer game at Wallace State and they won 8 to 0.  



So there John and I were, minding our own business standing in front of an elementary school in Key West, happily addressing a post card with The Pen, when all of a sudden a giant tiger sprang out from behind a tree, bit John on the leg, grabbed The Pen and started to consume it.  I said to John, "Golly, gee -- I'm sorry you're bleeding profusely, but shouldn't we try to save this precious memento of Clendenin and Eccritean history?" 

"Hell, no!" he shouted. "Let the tiger keep the f*%$'in pen!" Clearly, John is not as sentimental as I.

Right after this picture was taken, the tiger closed his mouth and swallowed The Pen.  I guess we can't take any more pen pictures!



  The Pen poses at Smoke'n Bob's BBQ stand at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  


  There is nothing The Pen enjoys more than stirring up a pot of Brunswick Stew in the area where it was first stewed.  


  Visiting the Adirondacks, the Pen enjoys the sights at a marina on Lake George.  


  Here is Terry Lynn's Grandson Jae in Punta Gorda learning the in's and out's of The Pen.  


  On June 9, 2012 The Pen helps World War II Veterans visit Washington, DC on Rotary Honor Flight.  


  Wanda and The Pen visit Pinnacle Peak, Scottsdale, Arizona to help celebrate the Holiday Season.  


  Deployed with Press Chapin in the Air Force National Guard in Afghanistan, The Pen proudly supports our troops.  


  Julie, the Bartender at Shorty's Place finds The Pen to be a valuable asset when pouring a cold one.  


  Chelle The Adorable and The Pen on a whirlwind weekend in Punta Gorda.  


  Taking advantage of the Veterans Day holiday, U.S. Navy veteran Dave and The Pen visit the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, former home of eccentric builder and author Edward Leedskalnin.  


  Dave, The Pen, Wanda, Kim and John visit the Elks Club, posing at the banyan tree and the tiki bar by the Peace River.  


  Conducting a health food inventory with Tiddler in Oquawka, The Pen insures accuracy and nice, neat lettering.  


  In Rock Island, Eric and The Pen enjoy lunch at The Blue Cat and a stick afterwards at Hickey Brothers.  


  Tim, Peg and The Pen are visiting Paris.  That's in France.
Tim states, "I've been instructed (warned) not to post pictures of Peg without prior approval."


  More pictures from Tim and Peg of the Eiffel Tower and a non-descript statue in Luxembourg Garden.  


  The Pen joins Marilyn and Dave in Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick, Canada where they find the highest tides in the world.  


  Tim tells us:  "The Pen is in a restaurant that is Paris's answer to Dean's South Of The Border - Poor attempt!!!"  


  Marilyn, Dave and The Pen are now in Nova Scotia, visiting Peggy's Cove, the most photographed lighthouse in the World.  
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