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Adventures of The Pen Episode XIV
The Pen

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  Vacationing in The  Bahamas, The Pen Visits Great Stirrup Cay.
By the way, in The Bahamas, Cay is pronounced just like device you put into a key hole to open your house or start your car.


  It seems that the Pina Coladas are now mixed with wine as Michele, Judy and The Pen continue their adventure.  


  The picture of The Pen with a new bar of olive oil soap can be seen below.  Here is the same bar after some usage.  It fits the soap holder much better now but, it appears that The Pen shrank.  


  Judy, Michele and The Pen ventured to the Bahamas on the Norwegian Sky, reporting that the Pina Coladas were awesome!  


  Portland is wonderful in the Springtime with The Pen.  


  The Pen always enjoys visiting a new Rotary Club.  


  Visiting New England with friends, The Pen is sightseeing.  



The Pen meets The Bar which is much larger than a typical bath bar, so grasping it takes a bit of doing.  The preferred method of soaping appears to be through rubbing one's hand on The Bar and then rubbing the target area on the body, not rubbing The Bar directly on the area to be cleaned.  More experimentation is clearly indicated.



  Dave and The Cow with The Pen in Ashburn, Georgia.  


  In Tahiti with Wanda and Dave, during April 2013, The Pen finds many wonderful and exotic sights.  


  The Bat Girl and Bob enjoy company with The Pen while George Barris mugs for the cameras.  


  The Pen considers bidding on this 'Cuda 440-6 pack at Barrett-Jackson's collector car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.  


  Vaan stumps up his courage with The Pen at the gate to Gecko Ghetto during the Holiday Home Tour.  


  The Pen shares a cup of black coffee with The Shark.  
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