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Adventures of The Pen Episode I

The WWW.BobClendenin.Com Pen

  Adventures of The Pen were first introduced by Bob and Jean on a trip to Italy.  Since then, The Pen has been sighted around the globe.  Here are pictures to date.  You are invited to send more.
Is it interesting that babies find The Pen so fascinating?
If you need a Pen, e-mail and I will send one.

Notes on the Generations:
The Gen 1 Pen, no longer available, was only produced in bumblebee yellow.
Gen 2 and 3 Pens can be found in five colors; the difference being the logo.
Gen 2 has a large head and small lettering.  Gen 3 has a small head and large lettering.
Gen 4 is green with gold trim with the site name only, no head.
Known as the Caribbean Edition, the Gen 5, writing with blue ink, sports red, white and blue stars and stripes.
Gen 6 is black with silver lettering, designed to make it easy to spot in photographs.
Gen 7 is black and includes the words, "Shutter to Think."

Recent photos are at the top of this page.
Click on a thumbnail for a larger view of The Pen.

  On March 30th, 2007 the Key West Cigarette Boat Poker Run stopped in Punta Gorda.  Maryann from Orlando is traveling with Team Velocity, while Paul from Rhode Island is a mechanic with Outrigger Racing Team.  


  This Orange Gen 3 is proudly displayed by mother and son at a marketplace, on March 18 in Manta, Ecuador.  


  Norma, The Pen and Lynda celebrate St. Pat's day with flair and perhaps some green beer.  


  Known as Mortaritaville, Balad Air Base in Iraq is not a pleasant environment for The Pen.
You might say The Pen was between Iraq and a Hard Place.


  In Lima, Peru on March 16, La Policia show off The Pen while Linda and Pam exhibit theirs at Love Park.
At Lima's Port of Callao a lady in native costume smiles about her yellow Gen 3.


  In Arica, Chile on March 14 Linda shows off The Pen by the chapel at Poblando Artesanal  


  Cruising the Humboldt North along the coast of South America, The Pen meets new friends from March 11 to the 25th.  Looking closely at the first picture, you will see the GTS Infinity.  Other participants on the voyage show off The Pen.  Hold your cursor over a thumbnail for names.  


  On March 11, Dee is selling beads at the Conquistador Landing with a Red Gen 3.  


  On the mountaintop overlooking Santiago, Chile is a huge statue of the Virgin Mary.  At the shrine by the foot of the statue is Cinthia and The Pen on March 10.  Later in the Day Cinthia visits a lapiz lazuli store.  


  Here we find a student of Islam with a red Gen 2 appropriate for Valentine's Day.
Reading Chapter 96, Verses 4 and 5 we find, "He Who taught (The use of) the Pen - Taught man that Which he knew not."


  Brother John discovered these Gen 3's traveling in Mexico.  The first foto shows Dany from Durango and Pinguy from San Luis Potosi, SLP.  El Toucan is in San Luis Potosi as is Junior the Chihuahua.
The last picture is three month old Luisa, living in Durango.


  Lynda took this red Gen 3 to her beauty salon and used it to write a check for her stylist.
Days later an orange Gen 3 is spotted at Gatorz.


  On the last weekend in January The Pen visited Gasparilla, making many new friends.  


  Yolanda and Christina will put these Gen 3's to good use at the Residence Inn.  


  Have you ever been to Linger Lodge?  This orange Gen 3 was there.  


  It's January 2007 as Sammy the Adorable Moose sports a green Gen 2 in Suffolk.  According to Beth, he is only eight months old but, very advanced.  He aspires to write the Great American Novel, acknowledging The Pen as his first writing utensil.  


  Probably a green Gen 3, the first to emerge in 2007, relaxing on a bench in Doha.
A Generation One Pen with Carmel in Kuwait in November 2006 and the Expeditionary Red Horse Group in Qatar at Christmas time.


  What appears to be a blue Gen 3 with Debbie and Thornton at Niagara Falls in October 2006.  


  This orange Gen 2 Pen was in Miami when Maya and Jasmine were born in July 2006.  


  What well groomed bride wouldn't sport an orange Gen 3 for an April 2006 wedding on the beach.
Dana models, while Linda is just being silly.


  Melody and Aaron, watching a Florida sunset in January 2006 with another orange Gen 2, took it to home Kansas for Grace and the sisters.  


  This space has been reserved for Jean and Bob's Gen 1 classic since their Mediterranean trip in July 2005.  Lost photographs from that trip resurfaced when they moved to Florida from Kansas in 2009.  The Pen  traveled to Milan, Venice, Croatia, Corfu, Athens, Ephesus, Kusadasi, Santonni, Rhodes, Mykenos, The Amalfi Coast and Rome.
Jean said The Pen successfully sailed with them on the Grand Princess with no incident or seasickness.  With the many time changes, The Pen spent a lot of time catching up on sleep in it's special pouch tied under her shirt.


  Below is the oldest Adventure of The Pen available with photographic documentation.  This Gen 1 issue ventured out on a Rotary District 6960 Conference cruise in May 2005, with Kelly and Linda from Marco Island.
Pictures of the ship are included for provenance.


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