Neighborhood Charley at Sprint Bob Clendenin



Bob Clendenin

Hurricane Charley

  On my brother Crazy John's birthday, Friday the 13th, Hurricane Charley made a quick turn to the East, ran up Charlotte Harbor and shoved his eye into Punta Gorda.  Authorities now say sustained winds were at 150 miles per hour when it hit town (literally), with gusts from 175 to 180.  All pictures are in chronological order.

First is the view from our bedroom where we watched windows break and debris blow in.  After the storm neighbors joined in the street to clear the way out.



  Over the next few days we began to realize the extent of the damage.  


  It was two weeks later when I managed to take the car in for an assessment.  


  By the end of August, we were pleased to see businesses start to reopen but, certainly not all of them.  That was when I finally quit driving around with a broken windshield.  


  As you can see, Charley clearly knocked the piss out of some things.  
  Who would have thought this could happen here?  
  To View the storm damage at work, click on the Charlie at Sprint link.  
Neighborhood Charley at Sprint Bob Clendenin