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Michael Vires

Cattle Drive Down Marion Avenue

  The law office of Michael Rooney on the North East corner of Olympia Avenue and Wood Street
is the site of Punta Gorda's newest mural.
Depicted are cattle driven West on Marion Avenue at Cross Street.  Below is Mike's drawing.




  On February 6, 2007, Mike and his proposal are exhibited at the Arts and Humanities Council of Charlotte County.
This painting is 18 inches by 40 inches.  The completed mural will be  18 feet by 40 feet.


  Mike sent these pictures March 1.  Here is his message:
Finally, the scaffolding went up and work has begun on smoothing the stucco finish on the wall at the Northeast corner of Olympia and Wood streets.  Once they have finished the wall it must set for a week and cure.  I will prime and double finish coat the wall and then I can begin the mural.  Looks like it still will be around the middle of the month before I actually can start putting art on the wall. But at least it's happening.  Thanks all, Mike


  Three days later I cruised by, finding the stucco complete and the scaffolding gone.  Guess it belonged to the stucco company.  


  Here is Mike beginning the layout on new scaffolding.  


  And, filling it in.  


  March 29 and the filling in continues.  The first picture below shows Mike's sketch of the mural gridlines.
You can see the guides drawn on the building as he paints the base colors.


  The following Tuesday, Gordon Bower is on hand gathering information for an article in the Punta Gorda Herald.
Click the last image for the Herald, April 11, front page.


  Painting in the Clouds; work continues as it will for several more weeks.  


  The mural on the afternoon of April 19  
  The next morning, Mike is painting the hound  


  On April 23, concentration is on the cowboys.  
  His head in the clouds, Mike works to finish the higher portion of the mural so scaffolding can be removed in a week or so.  


  Mike adds telephone poles and makes frequent trips across the street for better perspective.  


  May 17, with love bug season in swing, Mike declares they are no problem; they help the paint stick.  


  Mike sends these pictures on May 25th, with a message:
Tomorrow morning the scaffolding is coming down.  By the end of today I will have everything finished down to the two lead cattle in the foreground.  The rest I will finish from the ground.  The mural should be complete by the end of next week.  Whew!  I'm ready for it to be over.  It's been quite a workout.  Thanks for your interest in the project.  See ya soon, Mike


  On May 26 the scaffolding comes down.  The clouds are finished and the final brush strokes can be made on the lower portions of the mural.  


  Rain didn't hold him back as Mike put finishing touches, including signature on the painting.  Judy did the camera-work.  


  On hold for the dedication, here is the final result.  


  The official ribbon cutting is on June 21.  Project complete.  Congratulations Mike!  



Bob Clendenin