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Car Show In The Park

March 2014


Tim and Rosanne told me they were playing the car show in Gilchrist Park, so I wandered over with my camera.
Please be forewarned that some of these cars may have been modified from the manufactures original stock.


Tim and Rosanne

They estimated 400 cars

1966 Cobra

Sure it runs

This Rat Rod is a daily driver

Bettye and Coke

Traveling Coca Cola machine

Six cylinders and 150 horsepower

1954 Corvette

1967 Camaro ProStreet

1969 Roadrunner Six Pack

1949 Chrysler Coupe at the drive-in

1969 Datsun 2000

1972 Datsun 240Z

1929 Ford with '57 mill

1932 Ford

1921 Wills St. Claire

Plymouth Prowler

How do you close the hood on this 1967 GTO?

1956 Ford Victoria

1929 Hudson Super Six

2002 PT Cruiser

My 190SL was judged, but I didn't stay for the results. Rats!?

The Tabebuia all bloomed about three days ago

Jag XK120

1923 Ford T Bucket

1969 Roadrunner

Not everyone there was showing a car



Bob Clendenin

Old Cars