Old Cars

Bob Clendenin



Bob Clendenin

Old License Plates

   Florida alone has over 100 specialty license plates.  While many collect them, I'll stick with the pictures.
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  A Car Show at Gilchrist Park in March 2014.  


  Which side of the law are they on?  


  This license plate sculpture is at the airport in Atlanta.  


  In Sarasota on January 30, 2011, the Devereaux-Kaiser show has more custom plates than I can count.  Here are a few.  


  Parked at Regional Medical Center, the pickup has the Cat's Meow.  


  There must have been a Hot Rod Show in the neighborhood when I saw these cars at a motel in Poughkeepsie.  
  Hanging on the wall during lunch at Whiskey Creek.  


  On the way to the Memorial Day ceremony at Fisherman's Village, I note veteran's plates in the parking lot.  


  At the antique boat show in Tavares I counted eight Ampicars.  


  Sure I've seen this one before, but this time have a camera.  Then, Fin To The Left at a Jimmy Buffett Concert.  


  In January 2010 we visit a car show and Muscle Car City.  


  These plates are all on 190SL's attending the 2009 convention in Yellowstone.  


  From our March 2007 trip to South America.  I had never seen a plate painted on the side of a truck like the one from Ecuador.
In Aruba, metal, bolt-on tags indicate the current year.  The last auto may be a little dusty for a quick sale.


  On the walls of the Half Shell Raw Bar in Key West  


  These old Florida plates are in Jesse's garage.  He doesn't throw away much.  Note the mag wheel bookend.  
Old Cars

Bob Clendenin