Bob Clendenin

Old Cars


A Weekend
In January


  On January 23 and 24 2010, Rick and I find some old cars and old airplanes.  



We start with a visit to  a benefit car show for the Salvation Army.  Documentation with the Buick indicates this car with its 320 cubic inch, overhead valve, straight eight was the first mass produced automobile to do an honest 100 miles per hour, hence the name Century.


1965 Cobra with Polished Aluminum Body

1930 Ford Model A Five Window Coupe

1948 Dodge Businessman's Coupe

1966 Dodge Charger


1942 Buick Century



Next we enter Rick Treworgy's Muscle Car City.  I counted fifteen 1967 Corvettes.


Stovebolt Special

Rick and Yet Another Corvette

1962 Corvette with 327, Four Speed

More Corvettes

And Cameros

1940 Willys Speedster With Modifications

Like any museum, you exit through the gift shop.


Car Clocks


  Having noticed a array of old military aircraft in the sky, Sunday morning we attend the War Birds Fly-In.  

Rick and 1942 PT-17 Boeing Stearman

220 horsepower Continental R-670 Radial Engine on the PT-17

T-28 Trojan with Wright R - 1820 Cyclone Radial Engine Capible of 343 Miles Per Hour

BT-13A Navy Trainer

Of The Navy Planes, this is the only tailhook

War Bird Visitors Keeping Out of the Sun under a C-47

$175 A Ride

Rick in The C-47


Bob Clendenin

Old Cars

License Plates