Bob Clendenin

Old Cars


190 SL Conventiona
Yellowstone National Park

  2009 International 190 SL Group Convention - September 7 to 11  

Bugs From New Hampshire To Yellowstone

They Can Be Removed

190 SL's Arrive From Across The Nation

View From The Snow Lodge



Ready For A Yellowstone Rally

Tops Go Down

Heading Out

Repairs Are In Order



Frost In The Morning

Electric Powered 190 SL

Batteries In Electric 190 SL

Model T Owners Tour The Park



Collected From 190 SL Grills

Happy Hour

Our Hostess Cheri

A Proper Engine Compartment



Let The Concours Begin

Details Are Important

Judges Spot An Improper Fitting

190 SL Umbrella For People's Choice


Bob Clendenin

Old Cars

License Plates