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Malta and Sicily 2007

  On April 4th, shortly after two a.m. we meet Group Study Exchange visitors from Malta and Sicily, District 2110.
They have been traveling for 28 hours, which has little to do with their missing luggage.

After shopping for essentials on Thursday, they visit Punta Gorda Rotary at noon Friday.
Here is President Paul Versnik and Team Leader Pat Salomone.



Early on Saturday morning, Eric Flask meets President Nancy Lisby of the Punta Gorda Historical Society and contributes a few volunteer carpentry hours at the Price House.  Neither thought much about the missing luggage.


On Palm Island we meet former GSE member Hanne Østby, with husband and daughters, from Norway District 2260.



  At lunch, sponsored by Murdock Rotary, Ivana Zimbaro wields her video camera; Eric finds an interesting golf cart.
Easter Sunday, the team plans presentations and wonders about missing luggage, followed by a sunset cruise.


  Eric prepares a delightful, and (still) suitcase free, shrimp and pasta dinner on Monday, for Linda and me.  


  While they didn't get a chance to open their suitcases until evening, bags did arrive Tuesday morning.  


  Josephine Farrugia and Ivana find breakfast.  Ivana pulls a 50/50 ticket for Tom Fisher.  Pat and Ed Russell exchange banners.
The District 2110 Team with Harbor Rotary President Jim Hageman.

Bob Clendenin