Rotary Bob Clendenin

Bob Clendenin

Charlotte Harbor Rotary Club

  Local service projects for The Rotary Club of Charlotte Harbor include scholarships for college and vocational students as well as dictionaries for local elementary school children.

Recent International projects sent wheel chairs to Tobago and funded cancer screening in India.

Between 7:00am Tuesday morning meetings, members strive to enjoy service and have a good time, demonstrated by these shots from the Air Show and a recent dinner.



Someone had to watch the show.

  Someone had to do the grilling.  
   Ice is appreciated on a hot day.    Jose cleaning the Nacho pot  
  Workers Tom and Trudi   Bosses Ryland and Selva  
  Of course, there is always the question of where and how to store the grill when the work is done.   Jackie, Debbie, Jo Ann  and Pam admire the cameraman.  
  Peter, Bob and Chris compete in smile competition.   Carl, Selva and Ron do the same.  
  Taste in shirts and drink is known to vary.   Some relax with more vigor than others.  
Rotary Bob Clendenin