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Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park



Deciding to drive to New Orleans in one of those metal automobiles, with one night on the road, it's an easy trip.  Lunch is at Linger Lodge, then the drive to Crestview to see the sunset at La Rumba.


Getting closer to New Orleans on Saturday, we lunch at The Shed Barbecue in Gautier, Mississippi.




Following convention registration is the Evening of Fun, Fellowship and Fins at Aquarium of the Americas.  

New Orleans hosts the Rotary Convention while presenting a personality of its own.




At the opening session on Sunday, we are told how close we are to eradicating polio.  Afterwards at the House of Friendship is an invitation to visit Bangkok next year.  

Sherry, her son Jason and his wife Mandy, join us Monday at the Southland Breakfast.



The Rotary Foundation, and PolioPlus are subjects for the Tuesday afternoon session as Bill Gates explains what it will take to get rid of the last 1% of the polio virus.



Ending the convention Wednesday, Sherry enjoys the company of Rotarians from around the world and listens to New Orleans Jazz, before executing duties as a Voting Delegate.




Connecting our hotel and the convention center are Riverwalk Shops.  

Since plans are to stop at The Swizzle Stick in Fort Walton on the drive home, we figure it can be fun to visit this one in New Orleans.




Rotary's closing session songs on Wednesday afternoon include Cowboy Logic and Wildfire, then Jolene and Rocky Top.  

Leaving New Orleans Thursday morning we have lunch on the beach at the Florida-Alabama state line.




After the stress of the convention, eating in high-end restaurants and taverns, it feels good to take a couple days off at Fort Walton Beach.  

Reflecting on the convention, at the Swizzle Stick on Okaloosa Island, we wonder, with all the music in New Orleans, we never heard House of The Rising Sun or City of New Orleans.





Bob Clendenin