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Norway GSE Team

May 2006

  Team Leader Rune Mangussen and four Team Members from District 2260 in Norway visit Rotary District 6960.
Sunday morning Rune takes a Viking stance while boating with Linda.
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  Later in the afternoon the entire team met at Englewood beach for BBQ, fellowship, sunning (don't forget the sunblock) and swimming.
Flanking the Team Leader in the first picture below are Team Members Hanne Østby, Beate Fredrikson, Espen Sjeggestad and Niclas Lundmark.
By sunset, we were ready for the trip home.


  The Agenda for Monday was a trip to Rotary Camp Florida.  Rune planned a Team Meeting during the two hour drive.  
  That evening Harbor Rotary provided dinner.  Following introductions, Linda was surprised with a plus-two Paul Harris award while Chris and Jim enjoyed a peak at Tuesday morning's club bulletin.  Others concentrated on the food.  


  Tuesday was Rune's birthday, celebrated with a flaming Danish.  Karol Wyckoff presented each with a package of her artwork.  This was the first official presentation by the Team, which included a fairytale of Trolls and Vikings.  
  Following a hard day of Rotary presentations, fish farms and orange groves, the group helped Rune celebrate his birthday at a popular restaurant.  


  On Wednesday morning we visited Harbor Heights / Peace River, presenting the History of Norway Fairytale.  


  Wednesday afternoon, lounging after an ecology tour at Ponce Park, and a visit by neighbor Lois who has family in Norway.  She wanted to hear their accents though Rune and Niclas insist they have none.  


  Later at the Punta Gorda Rotary dinner, Niclas inspects an American brandy while Hanne laughs with Punta Gorda's irreverent jokester, Bob Schlichter.  Paul and Jenny pose with their visitor while Hanne and Margaret dance to the music of Al Holland.  


  Troll and Why King performance at Murdock Rotary Thursday morning, "Fe Fi Fo Fum.  I smell some interesting human blood."  On the way home we found a Burrowing Owl surveying an Important Bird sign.
Later, Rune demonstrated his talent as a cognac connoisseur.


  We wrapped up Friday with supper at Rain where Espen sang with the band.
Saturday morning we bid goodbye as the Team moved South to new adventures.


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