Rotary Bob Clendenin

Bob Clendenin

Charlotte Harbor Rotary Picnic

  Through the efforts of Josť and many others, the Rotary Club of Charlotte Harbor had it's annual Pick-a-nick at Ponce Park on Charlotte Harbor.  Due to good planning, I'm sure, the weather was beautiful, even for a mid-February Sunday afternoon.  Hold your mouse over a thumbnail for the caption, then click for a larger image.  
  The cook and some of the more famous eaters...  


  Every Pick-a-nick needs someone who's primary job is to stand around and enjoy the weather.  


  Hitting a marshmallow with a five wood is apparently harder than it looks, although Carol and Peter seem to have been practicing.  We speculate it will take professional cleaning to get the sugar off Dave's club.  


  The horseshoe players may have been practicing, too.  


  Thank you, President Danielle, Josť and to all who helped.  Let's try this again next year.  
Rotary Bob Clendenin