Ponce Rotary Bob Clendenin

Ponce and President Moe        

January through June 2006

The second half of the 2005 - 2006 Rotary Year with President Moe Desforge went smoothly.  Club activities included a classical concert in January followed the induction of a couple new members.  We decided to drop the Air Show as a fund raiser and concentrate on the Block Party.  A GSE Team from Norway visited in May while members visited S4TL in June and added another new member.  Wrapping up the year, President Moe presented the coveted "Rotarian of the Year" award to Sergeant-at-Arms Spencer Bailey.

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Choosing a New Year's Resolution

Installing a prescription windshield

Building a TentaCourthouse

Putting Racing Air in his tires

Traveling to Super Bowl XL

Conceding World Understanding

Presenting a Valentine Gift

Asking Sheryl Crow to go biking

Explaining his age

Opening a childproof cap

Realizing it's World Rotaract Week

Cooking Yankee pot-roast

Finding a TentaCityMarketplace

Laying out Aquatic Trip Tics

Mailing his tax return and TRF contribution

Practicing for the Block Party

Standing in as Sergearn-At-Arms

Negotiating Xtreme Combovers

Volunteering to escort the GSE Team

Conducting his own CSI about Keith Richards

Leaving for a day on the water

Helping with a low-carb diet

Packing for the International Convention

Parking at the International Convention

Leaving the Convention, for the World Cup

Camping out with a special friend


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