Ponce Rotary Bob Clendenin

Ponce and Moe 2005         

July through December 2005

President Moe Desforge stepped in at the end of June 2005.  Meetings continued to be held at the Port Charlotte Cultural Center with board meetings being moved to AAA Travel.

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Shopping for a special friend

Hacking into Santa's data base

Wonderng about a slow learner

Constructing a float for both parades

Flipping the bird

Inventing vegitarian chicken wings

Attending Veteran's Week activities

Donating candy to hurricane kids

Practicing for Applause for Paws

Putting digital ham in hamburger

Pondering Columbus Day

Viewing Fall colors

Selling ads for our Paws Program

Operating a Make-up Drive-through

Wondering about fuel economy

Trying to make sense of team names

Looking at Labor Day

Carving broccoli rubber bands

Selling a Paul Harris pototo on eBay

Explaining longevity

Converting to gravity feed

Leafing through recipes

Conveying Rotary witticisms

Admiring his spoke wrenches

Enjoying the sunrise


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