Ponce Rotary Bob Clendenin

Ponce and President Jim        

July through December 2006

President Jim began his year using RI's new Club Leadership Plan.  Steve became President Elect, Bonnie Secretary and Michael Treasurer.  A learning curve was necessary getting the Guest Speaker clock awards provisioned, but that is smoothing out.  The new Lucky 7 Fishing tourney was conceived, thanks to Tom.  Our Dictionary Project, Interact Rally at IMPAC and Salvation Army participation went well.  Two new members, Leroy and Margaret were welcomed to Harbor Rotary during the first half of the year.

Click on an image for a larger view.  The most recent pictures are at the bottom of the page.

Watching the Tour de France

Thumbing through his dictionary

Making up a Rotary meeting

Renewing his driver license

Reading his computer inventory

Commandeering help for the TRF Seminar

Speculating about pen and paper

Proposing Tenta-Charlotte High

Drinking orange juice

Inviting a Friend to present a program

Scanning TV Channels

Confessing his favorite color is "flame broiled"

Realizing October

Taking a suggestion seriously

Scheming for his favorite team

Disguising his pet snake

Dressing for Halloween

Volunteering on election day

Cooking Weapons Grade Hot Wings

Flipping the bird with a goose

Wrapping up Foundatin Month

Watching Casino Royale

Writing a self-help book

Ending 2006 on a generous note


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