Bob Clendenin



190 SL Convention
Yellowstone National Park


At homes of Bonnie and Carl Rehling, Carlene and Don Roll, and Nancy Lisby, we face inclement weather on a chilly February evening.
 OK, so it's 70░ on February 20; that's cold by Charlotte Harbor standards.

Hosts Bonnie and Carl

Linda, Miriam and Sherry

Kate and President Mike


  Starting at Bonnie and Carl's we find hors d' oeuvres, featuring Grilled Shrimp.

Wayne and Carl discuss NASCAR

Jim and Rob


  Our second stop for the main course at Carlene and Don's, with Caesar Salad, Beef Bourguignon and Chicken with Dried Beef.

Linda, Pam and Jackie

President Mike and JosÚ

Linda, PJ, Carol, Jim, Jackie, JosÚ and Miriam, with Arlene pointing


  Desert is at Nancy's with a large display of Chocolate Delights.  Poor Sophie stays confined to her cage until late.

Host Nancy, Jackie and Carlene

Carlene, Rob and Debbie




Bob Clendenin