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Peter "Wolf" Toth

Whispering Giants page three

Continuing my quest, the following four Giants on this page were found while visiting relatives and friends in July 2007.
Woapalanee sits on the North end of Market Street, at the entrance to Brandon Park in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.


  Facing Lake Shore Drive in Dunkirk, New York, between Pike Street and Woodrow Avenue, is Ong-Gwe-Ohn-Weh, known as The Indian, dedicated July 6, 1974.  


  East of Sharon, Pennsylvania, at the Rest Area on Interstate 80 Eastbound, stands this carving, dedicated June 30, 1973.  


  In Akron, on West Market Street, in front of Resnik Community Center is Rotaynah, dedicated August 8, 1985.  


I did not stop in Fort Wayne, as I understand termites found that Giant before I could.  Here is a before picture.


A road trip to Arizona in January 2008 finds three more carvings.
The first, erected in 1979, is near Broken Bow, Oklahoma at Beavers Bend State Park.


Termites came to Texarkana before we did.  A man at the Texas Welcome Center said the Indian was moved to the fairground where termites finished it off.


The carving in Las Cruces, New Mexico is in fine condition.  Known as Dineh, this Giant was dedicated in 1986.


The Giant on Highway 90 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi is in very nice condition as it was replaced by another artist.  A picture of the original is shown below.


Right were the map said it would be, we drove to this giant in Desert Hot Springs, California in June, 2008.


The following day in La Jolla, I could find no sign of Peter Toth's first Giant, carved in sandstone at Wind and Sand Beach in 1972.  After talking to surfers, beach-goers and locals, no one seemed to remember it.  One man told me he only lived there for the last 45 years.  A life-guard suggested druggies may have defaced it, so I photographed other carvings.


Bob Clendenin Peter Toth page one The U.S.A.