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Peter "Wolf" Toth

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In May 2009, Dave Hoiles and I circled Lake Michigan and then some to find these giants.
Clown Fish and a Whispering Giant are found at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan.


  Dedicated in 1988, next to the Chamber of Commerce office, on Sunday Lake in Wakefield, Michigan is Nee-Gaw-Nee-Gaw-Bow which means Leading Man.  The last photo below of Wildernest Lodge was one missed this trip; we'll pick it up next time.  


  Dave later found Wildernest closed for the season.  


  In Two Harbors, Minnesota and next to the Chamber of Commerce office on the North Shore of Lake Superior is this Giant carved in 1977.
Interestingly, both Chambers offered picture post cards of their Peter Toth creations.


  In Hayward, Wisconsin, home of the World's Largest Musky, we find this carving next to the Old Library.  Named Tribute to the Ojibwa carved in 1977.  In addition to the walk-through fiberglass Musky below, Cal Johnson's 67 pound Musky is at the Moccasin Bar across from (again) the Chamber of Commerce.  


Next to the Iowa River in Iowa Falls, Iowa stands this Whispering Giant, cut from a local cottonwood tree in 1999.  The original was dedicated on July 4, 1973.


Not the original Peter Toth statue number 41 in Osceola, Iowa, this is a recreation by sculptor Jesse Kuhs.


In Lincoln, Nebraska, next to the Indian Center, we found this carving from 1980 needing repair.  One report said it was on the ground, but it seems restoration is underway.


In July 2009, my phone rang.  The man identified himself as Peter "Wolf" Toth.
Dave driving home to Florida from Seattle via Wakefield, Michigan found Peter Toth giving that statue a "facelift."



Bob Clendenin Peter Toth page one The U.S.A.