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Peter "Wolf" Toth

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On our way to the 190SL Convention in Yellowstone, that Linda and I had breakfast in the Rams Horn Cafe in Worland, Wyoming was more than a coincidence.  The plaque on this giant reads, "To the American Indian; One monument in each state; Peter Toth Sculptor; September 18, 1980."  Another small circular plate, set in the walkway, indicates it is sculpture number 36.


On our way to Castle Rock we find this lonely giant, known as "Red Man," at the entrance to Big Thompson Canyon a few miles outside of Loveland, Colorado.  The sign on the gate is likely to keep visitors to a minimum.


  Often, it's difficult to find a Peter Toth sculpture in a community and often locals who have seen the Whispering Giant do not know the name of the artist.  In Troy, Kansas this was not the case as several signs mark the way to visit "Tall Oak" standing in Courthouse Square.  


  Leaving the 2010 Rotary Convention in Montreal, we drive to Punta Gorda by way of seven Whispering Giant sites.  First is Burlington, Vermont.  At breakfast we ask directions to Battery Park, home of Chief Grey Lock.  Dedicated in 1984, it is number 47 of Peter Toth's state statues.  


  In Bar Harbor, Maine, Glooscap has been restored and relocated to Bar Harbor Campground.
"May the Great Spirits of the Native American protect Glooscap"
"This land is their land"


  Keewakwa Abenaki Keenahbeh, The Defiant One  resides at Opechee Park in Laconia, New Hampshire.  


  Who came first, Pilgrams, Peter Toth or Ronald McDonald?  Plymouth, Massachusetts is host to the famous rock and to Enisketomp at the information center off Long Pond Road.  


  At Sprague Park in  Narragansett, Rhode Island sits Enishkeetompauog Narragansett.  Try saying that fast three times.  


  In the South-West part of Forest Park, Springfield, Massachusetts is Omiskanoagwiak, The Wolf People-Medicine Man.  


  Our last statue of the trip, dedicated in 1984, is in the median in front of Town Hall at Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Chief Little Owl was first carved in 1976, but like many others fell to termites and high wind.  It was replaced by another carving until Peter Toth dedicated this Giant in 2002.  


  Returning from a visit to the Adirondacks, on the way to visit my family in North Carolina, I made a stop in Ocean City, Maryland where this Giant rests at Inlet Park, home of many attractions.  


  Steve Reed and I, managing to convince the RCMP that we really were innocent tourists, found our way to Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba to photograph this beautifully preserved Giant, unveiled in September 1991.  


  In the Spring of 2013 I discover that Chief Tecumseh was dedicated in 2009 at Vincennes, Indiana.  What took me so long?  






Bob Clendenin Peter Toth page one The U.S.A.