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Peter "Wolf" Toth

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  Once I realized there are over 60 Peter Toth Whispering Giants across the land, I decided to visit as many as I can while I travel.  These next five were sighted during a trip to Oquawka in July 2006.  
Next to the chamber of commerce building in Colquitt, Georgia.


  Overlooking the Illinois River from a bluff at the Village of Hopewell, Illinois, this Giant boasts a plaque dedicating the statue to the citizens of Illinois on November 19, 1975.  


  In front of the lodge at Starved Rock State Park, near LaSalle, Illinois, the plaque signifies this as the 62nd such carving.  When I first looked, he seemed to be smiling.  


  Just a few miles from Starved Rock Ho-Mah-Sjah-Nah-Zhee-Ga looks at the Illinois River from Allen Park in Ottawa, Illinois.  This is my first time to photograph two Peter "Wolf" statues in one day.  


  Standing in a cluster of trees at the center of Johnston Park in Cleveland, Tennessee, this tree is difficult to see from the street.  


  In August, 2006, I was unable to find the statue on the Seminole Indian Reservation in Hollywood, Florida.
Inquiries at reservation headquarters, the casino and several retail merchants did not locate the giant.
  Looking for Kiwanis Park in Johnson City, Tennessee, we discovered there is a Kiwanis Park and a Metro Kiwanis Park.  Junaluska, dedicated in 1986 is in Metro Park on Knob Creek Road.  


  Sequoyah was easy to find next to the Museum of the Cherokee Indian in Cherokee, North Carolina.  


  Peter Toth carved a Whispering Giant in Vancouver, Washington.  Asking directions I heard, it is no longer.
Clark County Historical Museum found archived pictures from 1990 and directed me to Esther Short Park.
Where Silver Thaw was located I did not determine, but found some lovely roses.


  At Shute Park in Hillsboro, Washington is Chief Kno-Tah, dedicated September 25, 1987.  


  Lewis and Clark found the Pacific where Astoria, Oregon lies today.
Dedicated in 1987, Ikala Nawan sits beside the Columbia River on U.S. 101.


  At Murray City Park, Chief Wasach watches traffic on State Street, U.S. Highway 89.
The dedication plaque from November 23, 1985 has a Rotary Wheel on it.
Bob Clendenin Peter Toth page one The U.S.A.