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Peter "Wolf" Toth

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  Peter Toth donated giant sculptures in all 50 states and Canada.  He asserts these have nothing to do with totems, poles, or Indian art.  They represent images of Native Americans as seen through the eyes of the artist.  I have taken time to visit only a few of these carvings.

  These show the one in Punta Gorda at the Best Western, before and after being moved to its new location on city property.  The statue depicts two Indian faces, an eagle and a bison.  Not everyone agrees Calostimuchu is beautiful.

  "Wolf" worked for weeks in August 2005 heat to restore his Punta Gorda creation, originally carved in 1974, removing decay and old paint.  


  Before the project was finished, it was rotated so the Bison's genitals no longer faced incoming traffic.  At a ceremony in Punta Gorda on January 20, 2006, Peter Toth rededicated his creation as Calostimuchu.  In the third picture note the tabebuia blooming in the background.  


  This tree, named Wacinton, is in Paducah, Kentucky.  


  This is the sculpture in Virginia Beach, Virginia next to Mount Trashmore.  


  In Dothan, Alabama the carving stands beside the Houston-Love Memorial Library.  


  Riverfront Park in Little Rock, Arkansas boasts this one, protected by a brick pavilion.  
  Surrounded by condos near South Beach Park at Fort Lauderdale Beach on famed Highway A1A, this sculpture has recently been re-erected after taking it on the chin (literally) by Hurricane Wilma in August of 2005.  


  Carved in the 1970's, the Giant at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida will not be found.  After searching, I met a man who remembers Peter Toth sculpting this one.  He assured me the tree, not treated for decay or termites, simply rotted away.  These pictures show the remains of the concrete pad located just south of duPont-Ball Library near Sampson Hall.  


  At South Carolina's Charles Towne Landing near Charleston, this giant stands near the entrance to the Animal Forest, a natural habitat zoo.  


  Along to U.S. Highway 17, on the South side of Arcadia, Florida, Peter "Wolf" sculpted these two trees in 2005.  It is interesting; the smaller carving is on a live oak tree.  As Dave observed, that one may last much longer than the larger one.
On what appears to be private property, I asked permission to take pictures a few weeks ago, but had forgotten my camera.  (Don't do that again, Bob!)  This trip, no one objected.  But, the sign in the first picture indicates, there may be objection at times.




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