Bob Clendenin Barrett-Jackson U.S.A.



Visiting Wanda and Dave in Scottsdale

Lots of Rocks and A Car Auction


Don't forget Angus lives there, too.  Watching the Barrett-Jackson
 collector car auction on television gives a great view of the
 auction, but can't compare to visiting the event in person.
  Since Angus, Wanda and Dave live in Scottsdale,
 the timing of the visit is not an accident; mid-January 2013.
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Click Here to visit Westworld
and Barrett-Jackson.



After spending a Saturday with collectable cars, we visited Sedona
on Sunday.  Barely arriving on time for our Pink Jeep Tour,
we saw 700-year-old Sinaguan cliff dwellings.

Following a brew-pub lunch we toured
 the area and returned to Scottsdale.




On Monday Dave took me for a ride in his Sport Cruiser
saying, I didn't comment on the bumpiness like Wanda does.

Back at the house Wanda and Linda made chicken enchiladas
 with verde sauce and homemade guacamole and homemade salsa.


Getting ready to fly home on Tuesday,
we bought a few souvenirs and lunched at Tonto.
Bob Clendenin Barrett-Jackson U.S.A.